Abbott’s Motion on Document Spoliation in AWP Litigation

June 9, 2009

Download Abbott’s motion against the DOJ here.


4 Responses to “Abbott’s Motion on Document Spoliation in AWP Litigation”

  1. Jeffery J Thigpen Says:

    My name is Jeffery Thigpen I was convicted in Federal Court of Medicaid Fraud and Sentenced to 51 months and three years of supervised release. Abbotts case spills over into mine. The government told me that the claims are unreadable. We didnot believe them and made several motions for the hcfa 1500 claims the Honorable David Doty denied every one. The claims that I submited could only be used in a chart form because of the volume under rule 1006. They could use them but would have to show me copies of the originals. My trial started in 2001 in Minnesota States court. I was prosecuted by Medicad fraud director Debra Peterson In State court The late John T Finley ordered the claims be given Debra Peterson then dissmissed the case and took it Federal and got her conviction. At that time the case was under seal abbott. I just recently found the case. What is intresting is that the Ssme claim that I bill on is the same one that abbot and all others use. My conclusion is that the state of minnesota department of human servises are overcharging the drug compaines for large amounts. So I had a transportation company which coul easaly br paid for pharmacy claims on the same claim into the billions of dollars but we will never know if the claims are deysroyed. My conviction was soley on the charts so if they are detryoyed why do I have a felonly. During that time 1992 until present there hAS BEEN A FREEZE ON THE CLAIMS
    an all claims must be made available to cms the law has been broken. All cases during this rime should be overturned with deystroyed doucmentation. My number is 3053031048

  2. Jeffery J Thigpen Says:

    I have contacted federal athorities about this case. Medicad part B claims are deystroyed because it will show what was actually paid on the claim. When one submitts a claim charges are on the providers claim the date and the time. If the MMIS system is set to Pay a Pharmacy claim as a duplicate charge it will pay. But if the public never sees the actual claims it has no ground to stand on. I believe that the State of Minnesota is billing in the the billions for duplicate claims. This should not be and should be mandatory that every claim submitted should be stamp with a seal and returned to provider with actual amount paid
    as it is right now its to easy to steal. If you are seeking claims I understand you pain
    The first thing that the Medicaid fraud unit does is give you the computer back after they copy it. Why would they have to copy it if they already have it they dont so they lie to the courts and say its unreadable.I am still requesting to see my claims they are still refusing. I f you are an attorney and can help me call 3053031048. I was not familar with spolage. In my trial the gave me a copy of a cd. Which were not hcfa 1500 claims but a bunch of claims made up. Abbotts case is clear they were destroyed. They gave me made up eombs and stated thy had to modify the the system. Clearly how could they prosecute me with destroyed claims help.

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