Polansky v. Pfizer Complaint

May 27, 2009

Download the complaint in Polansky v. Pfizer here.


One Response to “Polansky v. Pfizer Complaint”

  1. Marjorie Says:

    I took Crestor from Dec. 09through July 2010. I went off the drug in July. In retrospect I realize the 5mg. dose I took every other day was poison. I suffered a laundry list of complaints, starting with painful muscle cramps in my feet and legs, muscle pain, extreme fatigue, brain fog, chills as though I had a fever and backache. When I asked my doctor if she intended to report my bad reaction to the FDA, her reply was that they are already aware of the side effects. If that is so, why is this drug still on the market? Oh I guess any simpleton can answer that question. 30 BILLION DOLLARS!!!

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