U.S. v. Wyeth Protonix Documents

May 19, 2009

Download the complaint against Wyeth here.

This document relates to this story on BNET.


One Response to “U.S. v. Wyeth Protonix Documents”

  1. Dr John D. Son Says:

    My Mother died as a result of an allergic reaction to Protonix.
    It is a damned dangerous drug if you haoppen to be allergic to and unfortunately those who do die from such reaction are generally buried with the Dr’s mistakes.
    I have had a terrible time trying to find a lawyer who will represent me.Do you have suggestions?
    I have made myself expert on PPI’s and Protonix in particular even going so far as to examine studies and autopsies done in Germany before the patent was sold to Wyeth.
    Most of the problem stems from the fact not many people understand how the drug kills people and those who do either work for Wyeth or Pizer and are under contract not to be expert witnesses.
    Please respond.
    Thank you,
    Dr John D. Son M.D.,N.M.D.

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