Documents Regarding GlobalHue and its Bermuda Account

March 16, 2009

Download a copy of the auditor general’s report here.

Download a copy of the prime minister’s response here.

These documents relate to this story on BNET.


3 Responses to “Documents Regarding GlobalHue and its Bermuda Account”

  1. Jay Says:

    Global Hue also claimed falsely that they had increased Bermuda tourist arrivals by 25% (its on their web site!) which is absolute B.S.! I was in the tourism business and I’d estimate — because our gov’t doesn’t give us truthful arrival figures — that tourism is down by at least 30% overall — certainly reservations are down by 30% at Cambridge Beaches, one of our best Cottage Colony Hotels.

  2. […] Maybe the GAO and IG’s offices will soon let us know! (For now, click here to download the original accusations from Bermuda. H/t to Jim Edwards of BNET for providing these […]

  3. agency watcher Says:

    Not sure what happened with this, but the NYT had interesting piece on GlobalHue Ceo Don Coleman

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