Federal complaint against Forest Labs

February 26, 2009

Download the document here.

This document relates to this story on BNET.

3 Responses to “Federal complaint against Forest Labs”

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  2. […] drug company, Forrest laboratories, is currently being sued by the U.S. Department of Justice for, among other things, the “placement” of positive news […]

  3. While in the custody of DCF and their Coalition Team, my only daughter born one pound,26 weeks early,critical delivery at five months, born and diagnosed with FTT a feeding weight loss disorder and should never been on ADULT or any DRUGS to Lose WEIGHT starting at the age of 3 ½ years old, a toddler was prescribed (2) combined “Adult and psychotropic drugs “LEXAPRO” and “ CELEXA” without my knowledge or consent during reunification Before the DCF or Foster Care department provides psychotropic drugs to a child in it’s custody, the prescribing physician shall attempt to obtain express and informed consent, child to the mother, which never happened and mom TPR hearing and rights were not taken. There was no explanation, medical notes or mentioning of the nature and purpose for this” Adult Psychotic” treatment to be given to my only child and the recognized side effects, no risks, no dosage or duration, and the names of the Psychotropic drug was even spelled “Selexa for Celexa” wrong to throw the Judge and court so the DCF,GAL could accomplish the goal of adoption for her “best friend” my baby’s medical foster mother’s sister. There were no mentioning of the drug interaction precautions, yet on the back of the packet states” Do NOT use with babies or CHILDREN, Pediatrics, my child was 3-½ yrs.old in Pre-K and Kindergarten. DCF and Coalition Team, guardian ad litem, medical foster parent, Pediatricians and Defendants must take steps necessary to facilitate the inclusion of the parent in the child’s consultation with the physician Mother’s parental rights were not terminated and I was on “Reunification. The court did not at that time terminate my parental rights were not ordered. DCF, their Coalition Team and Defendants did not involve the mother during “Reunification or shut all contact with child during the terminate parental rights” and before severed in the decision to make any process regarding the provisions of especially “Adult” Psychotropic drugs or other Psych medications starting prescribing and giving adult drugs to my 3 yr old baby. My child was hospitalized four times due to the side effects with WEIGHT LOSS,Internal bleeding, Vomiting, Falling, Diahrrhea, Loss of appetite,Depression, Anxiety, Stool Impaction and more in the custody of the MFM and sister,then returned without my knowledge or consent.

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