Pepsi’s Nonsensical Logo Redesign Document

February 10, 2009

Arnell Group’s internal PDF on the Pepsi redesign: Click here for the PDF. This download relates to this story on BNET.


6 Responses to “Pepsi’s Nonsensical Logo Redesign Document”

  1. kat Says:


  2. 5thWorldArt Says:

    i disagree, the document is genius. Pepsi didnt package and explain this at all to the public. So the implementation without the emoticon angle and how it translated opportunity killed it.

    pepsi should have taken his concept and packaged this for tv…imagine the buzz to guess which emoticon you had. imagine the commercial to show how the gravitational forces drove the new angle.

    in theory you could have a virtual logo that is always changing, but people would know the colors and angles and be looking for their favorite logo.

    also, pepsi could release the logos like the 50 state quarters were release (yes, i am former US Mint-er).

    Pepsi lost…

  3. Julian Whatley Says:

    There is a paradox here. The Arnell Group’s document really is “breathtaking design strategy” (because it got Pepsi Co. to part with $1 million), and it’s complete bullshit. It’s like something the creators of Alias or Lost would have come up with. . . or L. Ron Hubbard.

  4. Victor Dillard Says:

    I thought the redesign was sheer genius and expected competitors to quickly follow suit. Being in the packaging printing industry for more than 20 years, I have seen consumer product companies push the envelope when it came to packaging that could be realistically and cost-effectively produced. The design saved Pepsi millions of dollars in printing costs. Only if they would have pushed that savings to the consumer.

  5. Sam Coleman Says:

    Wow, that was a hilarious read! I think someone at Arnell procrastinated till the night before the deadline and had to make something up quick.

    You who say this is genius must be very nearsighted.
    The logo is what’s important here.
    Look at it! It looks like a genereic product that didn’t have money to put towards packaging.
    It is supposed to be a smile? Try tilting your head to match the angle of your smile with that one. I hope you know a good chiropractor.
    Plumber’s butt is the most sticking description I have heard, but a fat person’s belly protruding from their shirt fits well too.

    I hope Pepsico has learned their lesson about Arnell now that their Tropicana redesign also failed miserably, but somehow I doubt they have.

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