It’s Athiests vs. Christians in Holy War at Genentech

August 20, 2008

This Genentech bulletin board thread at Cafe Pharma now has more than 500 posts and 16,000-plus pageviews, making it one of the longest, most-seen debates on the whole site. It’s gotten more attention from Genentech staffers than the Roche takeover bid has.

What has got the DNA folk so riled? A single post:

All things are possible through God. It has been a good week. We all have a nice home, good meals and a place to work. Have a great week-end and I hope you can attend church this Sunday.

OK, so it’s a little bit Ned Flanders, but who cares, right? For some reason, that single message — typed back in April 2007 — has started a massive flame war that continues to this day.

The athiests want the Christians to admit there is no god (pictured), and vice versa. In between, pretty much everyone else has been thoroughly insulted — jews, blacks, gays, Roche executives, etc. It’s all text-based, but don’t read it at work if your company dislikes you looking at things that have lots of four-lettered words in them.

Here’s the most recent post:

God will be with you in the soup line while you ponder your sexuality in the Castro District.

And that’s one of the polite ones.


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