If You’re Going to Criticize Big Pharma, at Least Learn to Spell

August 11, 2008

Take a look at this campaign briefing from Consumers International, an organization that wants to end “irresponsible drug promotion.”

C.I. wrote to 12 drug companies in May and asked them whether they were prepared to disclose the gifts they gave to doctors, consultants and patient groups. Of the nine companies that replied, none said they would disclose the data.

This was a laudable effort given the recent controversy over whether Big Pharma should disclose the cash and gifts it spreads around the medical profession.

However, the campaign briefing is so riddled with distracting typos that I could barely make my way through the document. Among the gems:

  • “Astra Zenica”
  • “organizations” and “organizations” (One is the American version, the other the British.)
  • “Senofi-Aventis”

It’s a shame because there’s a couple of interesting nuggets in here, including the fact that AZ, Lilly and J&J are all planning to make more gift disclosures in the future; whereas Novartis, Merck and Roche all politely said they had no intention of becoming more transparent.


2 Responses to “If You’re Going to Criticize Big Pharma, at Least Learn to Spell”

  1. Jed Says:

    I feel I have to point out your mistake then 🙂

    1. AstraZeneca – agreed
    2. The British spelling of “organizations” is “organisations”
    3. Sanofi-Aventis – agreed

    We all need proof readers!

  2. jimedwardsnrx Says:

    Noted — but they should have stuck with one not used both.

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