Is Kurt Anderson the Doctor in GSK’s Valtrex Commercial? (Probably Not.)

August 10, 2008

Weird question, I know. But every time GSK’s commercial for herpes med Valtrex comes on the TV, I think I’m hearing Kurt Anderson’s voice.

Kurt himself doesn’t appear, but the white-coated doctor who explains the drug sounds exactly like him. See for yourself.  Here’s a clip of Kurt, the former editor of New York magazine and now the host of WNYC’s Studio 360 show, on Charlie Rose. Could Anderson being doing a voiceover for the Valtrex doctor?

As you can see from the comments box, Anderson (or at least someone claiming to be him — but we’ll trust him for now) says it isn’t him:

“It’s not me, i swear,” Anderson says. “But now I want to see the ad.”

Unfortunately, despite searching high and low through the interwebs, I have failed to find a video of the Valtrex ad in question. I suspect GSK has deliberately not pursued a YouTube strategy on this brand. Perhaps my loyal readers can locate a link for me, so we can compare and contrast? Email me at jimedwards123 (at) hotmail dot com.

If you think this is totally crazy, bear in mind that it is quite common for actors to do commercial voiceovers but not appear themselves. That way the company gets the benefit of the familiar, trustworthy voice, and the actor gets a big bag of cash without the embarrassment of admitting they do TV ads.


2 Responses to “Is Kurt Anderson the Doctor in GSK’s Valtrex Commercial? (Probably Not.)”

  1. Kurt Andersen Says:

    It’s not me, i swear. (But now I want to see the ad.)

  2. jimedwardsnrx Says:

    Correction: This item originally identified Valtrex as being a Pfizer brand. It is of course a GlaxoSmithKline brand.

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