FDA’s Most Embarrassing Moments

August 1, 2008

You can read them in detail here.

But here’s a summary:

1. After rule-change that allowed consumer drug advertising, didn’t hire enough staff to police consumer drug advertising.

2. Post-marketing monitoring no good. Why? FDA doesn’t know how to do post-market monitoring.

3. Took 11 months to successfully execute an off-label violation warning letter.

4. Supposed to be inspecting foreign drug manufacturers, but, uh, can’t speak foreign languages.

5. Decided that emergency contraceptive should not be available to under-age rape victims.

6. Although elderly people take most drugs, forgot to ask companies whether they had tested their drugs on the elderly.


One Response to “FDA’s Most Embarrassing Moments”

  1. The style of writing is quite familiar . Did you write guest posts for other bloggers?

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